Product information

Ceramic Products


We provide refractories suitable for various types of casting, including alloys and metal powders, to customers manufacturing nonferrous metals and precious metals, in accordance with the increasing number of types of molten metal in recent years.

Our strength lies in our ability to approach and propose solutions for a wide variety of alloy types, partly in cooperation with the continuous casting machine department.

  • Graphite crucible

    01 Graphite crucible

    This is the product with the longest history in our company. As an agent of Nissin Refratech, we sell our products mainly in eastern Japan. We can propose the shape and material that best suits the metal composition and usage.

  • Various processed carbon products

    02 Various processed carbon products

    Focusing on products related to melting and casting, we provide materials that are compatible with various alloy types and conduct various processing and sales. For continuous casting molds, in addition to selecting molds for more alloy types, we also provide products such as plate, round, multi-piece, and pipe casting molds to meet customers’ requirements.

  • Ceramics products

    03 Ceramics products

    With a focus on melting and casting, we offer a wide range of materials and products to meet your needs, including molded products, irregular-shaped products, protective tubes, nozzles, molds, stoppers, and more.

  • Other products

    04 Other products

    Melting furnaces and other equipment (induction furnaces, electric furnaces, gas furnaces, etc.) Heating elements (SiC), molten metal thermometers, thermocouples, fire-resistant and heat-insulating products (fiber, etc.), flux, charcoal, iron castings, various base alloys, etc.

    If you have any problems with melting and casting, please contact us.

  • Delasco pump

    05 Delasco pump

    Tube pump suitable for conveying delicate fluids.

  • JUDO filter

    06 JUDO filter

    A backwashing filter that does not require removing the filter for cleaning.